Identity Crises

Hello every one.

I really need to apologize for staying away from you guys for a long time. I have been experiencing an Identity crises on the direction to take in my blogging these days. My reading is very intellectual and political so this very much affects my writing, that is, most of the time I am forced to write in an Academic form.

I would begin a 500 worded article, 2 hours into writing I would have written 2000 words with references and footnotes – and still not yet done. This has been a challenge for me. I started another blog, on which I could post the more intellectual writing, but I could not sustain consistency.

I have also been doing a lot of work for other media platforms. So I have not had time to do work for this blog. Very unfortunate to my readers. I a really sorry for this.

But one thing I have decided to do is to do me completely on this blog. I am the guy that could waltz, do shoki and the rejectz at the same time. I could be jamming “pop that” and then the next track on my play list would be Mozart’s requiem. Yep I am weird like that. I love Academics, PhDs and Investment Bankers, but I am an Engineer by training – that is, my college degree has Engineering on it.

Note: This is the first time I am actually getting this personal on my blog, and I am surprising myself by it. Yeah. I have issues with talking about myself, I just believe there is someone somewhere who is trying to put “sand sand” in my Garri. Yeah! I am superstitious like that!!! But No weapon fashioned against me – canal or principalities – shall prosper.

From now on, anythiny I write on anyother platform, i.e. my article, essays and comments I would definitely involve this blog. Without a doubt. Be expecting new material form me too. No more Political Jargon, that only gods from International relations departments can understand. Expect more informal writing from me – an experiment for me.

Note: As a rule I do not write informally, even in chat rooms and on IM services. I find it difficult to use short forms, and sacrifice good grammatical structure.

In an atmosphere of being personal I drop a picture of Me and Lex Ash … The Sickest photographer I know.

Tam and Chidi
Guess who am I and who Lex Ash is. #jambquestion

Netanyahu Addresses Congress: The beauty of American Democracy, and What it means to Nigeria and the rest of the World

Do not bother yourself about the title. This is going to be a very short one. I watched Netanyahu give his speech before the 114th congress of the United States. What amazed me was not the speech itself – which in my opinion was strong political rhetoric (any World Leader could do just as good) – but the circumstances that led to the speech.

So here is my write up:

The United States has the most exemplary democracy in the world. Netanyahu addressed congress today, without the permission of Obama, and was critical in his remarks about the Kerry-Zarif deal that is being negotiated right now in Switzerland, concerning Iran’s Nuclear program.

Kerry and Zarif
Kerry and Zarif

Netanyahu, the Head of Government of the State of Israel, would leave the United States without seeing Barack Obama.

In no other country, as far as I know of is this possible. A Head of Government comes to another country to address both houses of its legislature without the approval of the host country’s Head of State.

Indeed the U.S. could be said to be a paragon of democracy.

The Third candidate – 2015 Elections

Remi Soniaya 2

I have been asked many times who, among the candidates, I want to win the 2015 February elections. As one who does work in political analysis and strategy my opinion on who seem to matters to a lot of people.

So far I have refrained from giving anyone an answer with good reason. For many people it is either this or that. One thing I am certain of is that the nuances that of the political landscapes leading to the 14th of February, contain extremely complex dynamics that for one to begin to understand them a detached position as to the effects must be taken.

But in the light of fair play, I would say “may the best man win”. He who is able to marshal his points and endear himself to the hearts of the Nigerian electorate should take the day.


#BringBackOurGirlsNow and Sean Combs

Bring-Back-Our-Girls 1 Bring-Back-Our-Girls 2

On the night of April 15, 2014, about 272 girls were kidnapped by an extremist Islamist Militant group Boko Haram, from the Government Secondary School – a boarding school – in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria.

Along the line some of the girls escaped but as at October 2014 over 219 remain missing. This attack was the magnum opus of the violent sect that has left the disaster in its wake since 2009.

Before I go any further I would like to honor Oby Ezekwesili, the woman who has continually hammered on the issue of these girls almost 9 months after the evil deed was perpetuated. She and some other brave Nigerians prevented the “desensitization of the situation” to the Nigerian people and the World. God bless you all.


Binaries, Paradigms and Perceptions



Sometime ago, sitting at the reading table in my room, with books all over the place, those being reference in my current writing projects and those waiting on my “to be read” list, I overheard my youngest brother from the kitchen ask one of the aunties in my house a question.

“Aunty what is 1 + 1?” he asked, and she answered him “11” jokingly and my brother laughed and replied “1 + 1 or 2 or 10”.


JOHN KERRY IS IN NIGERIA – United States Secretary of State

John Kerry arrives Lagos
John Kerry arrives Lagos

John Kerry is in Nigeria. The United States Secretary of State was in Lagos today the 25th of January 2015. He had closed door meetings with President Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhammadu Buhari – the two top most contenders for the country’s top job, come February 14, 2015. He said the U.S. was very much interested in  Nigeria as it is Africa’s largest economy and is deeply concerned with the growing security threats. He urged the General Buhari and President Jonathan to strive for peace before and after the February 14 elections.


The Knowledge and Understanding of History can never be overstated

soldiers of fortune 1

When we know the acts of our forebears we can make informed decisions for our future.

The Nigerian military coups have almost always been carried out by the same group of soldiers.   The young NCOs and Lieutenants that blasted Major-General Aguiyi-Ironsi from power in 1966, became Colonels that overthrew his successor: General Gowon in 1975, and they became the Brigadiers and Major-Generals that overthrew Shagari. Then became the me who took power themselves after the Buhari coup. These men crushed various coup plotters when they where in power. The destroyed the Orkar, Vatsa,  Coup. These men where masterminds