I commence

I have thought about doing this for a while, but today was the day I decided to take the step, and make history. I am very much of an expert and a dilettante of sorts. I believe in a world free of force and fraud you may wonder why, maybe it is because I belong to the School of thought of Classical Liberalism (a school of thought I am still trying to figure out my self), and again in this world of perceived metamorphosis, I could always change my mind, and recant whenever I feel I don’t feel that way any more.

I like to argue a lot but always avoid the argumentative-abyss by setting argument-parameters, so the aim of effectively learning through dialectics can be very much achieve, so in essence, if I do not learn from you, or try to defend a point of view against yours I would not bother arguing with you. I hope this blog helps with the resurgence of intellectualism in the world today, and when I mean intellectualism, please do not let Mr. Soyinka come to your mind, although that is part of it, but I mean reasoning effectively and knowing that emotions and objectivity are two sides of a coin but are to be effective used together to create a world of beauty in all ramifications and elevate the human condition.Image


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