Looking at their fingers.

I discovered that I unconsciously, look at the hand of any girl that walks into a room. This discovery made me very afraid. Then I came to realize that looking at the hands of these ladies was because I am at that stage now; over three colleagues and friends of mine in college just got married, and some months ago one of them put to bed.

This experience has been beautiful and surreal for me, because until recently it did not occur to me that I was always looking at a specific finger – the ring finger, and for who do not know, every finger has a name; they include: the index, thumb, middle, pinky and the ring fingers (fyi).

Although I am not ready to tie the knot with anyone, I realise now that many of the ladies and potential partners I come in contact might just be married, so I still very much keep an eye out to “the finger”. I hope I am not the only one who does this, because then it would be super awkward (using the ridiculous teenage American accent) …


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