Suddenly She Walks In


Indeed, now I know for sure that when people refer to a day being beautiful they were very much talking about today or a day like today. It was one of those days that made one feel certain that good things were certainly going to happen. The way the atmosphere swirled seamlessly through the bar windows, where I sat, very much aided by the potency in the ocean waves crashing angrily on the shore, would make Richard Dawkins convert to Evangelical Christianity, and apologize to the world, especially the faithful, for his scathing remarks on religion, and conclude by saying “there is a God”.


Suddenly she walks in, and everything stopped, literally stopped. Everyone was staring unashamedly. The once seamless airflow became thick and palpable, the smell of cigarette and locally made marijuana became almost suffocating that I wondered how I had managed to survive before she came in. then the most ineffable thing happened, as she took a step towards a table to sit, the air became visible and moved towards her, this happened so fast that the moment she sat down the bar became airless despite its really huge windows that showed off the beautiful sight of the beach;  it was like being in a vacuum, even though I never been in one, I was beginning to believe that this is what a vacuum just felt like. Time stopped and all of a sudden, like the speed at which a piece of cloth dozed with ether would catch fire if a lit match stick is brought close to it, time began to move again, faster than the speed light.

This surreal, beautiful and inexplicable experience caused by the beautiful damsel, might have held us all at bay for just a second, but to my mind it felt like days. I watched her head to her sit, waiting to be attended to by the waiters. I am not very sure, but I thought I saw the waiters arguing, I had no doubt in my mind that it was about who would get the honour of serving her. Finally one of them headed happily to her table, after they all engaged in what looked like rock, paper, and scissors. Then she said “can I have some water please”, my heart stopped; her voice sounded like the harmonious and sonorous beauty that comes from a harp. I could listen to her talk all day. It was the moment she spoke that I believed, indeed, that music is food for the soul. Her voice was music.



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