The ‘Stoic-Rise’ Phenomenon of CU… Damola’s Prophecy

“One day people will take back the negative things they say about CU”, said Damola. It completely stopped me in my tracks, and as I asked him what he meant by that, the topic was changed by our friends and nobody seemed to be interested in what Damola said, not even Damola himself.

But his statement stayed with me, not because Damola is NOT a CU alumnus, but because I have been having certain thoughts along that line, and that statement just made my memory jolt to life. CU has received scathing criticisms and constant denigrations from the outside public and even from within, because of  its strict codes of conduct that stipulate draconian punishments when breached and yet it somehow maintains a somewhat subtle form of dangerous stoicism in the face of all this.

One thing I find is that on the way to the top the Mavericks and Outliers who are doggedly gunning for the position of ‘above all else’ are always criticised and abused for the methods they employ in their fanatical efforts to get to the top. They most of the time would break the laws of the land claiming to only abide by their own laws, and sometimes in extreme cases even commit crimes against humanity. They are not distracted or even in the list bit care about what the others think or say of them. They strictly ‘mind their business’ and operate with the ‘others’ when they have to and only on basis of symbiosis and not favours or help.

History is replete with examples of people like this. A classic example would be Rome. Rome was a ridiculously small city that practically controlled the whole ‘known’ world in ancient times. As they rose to become the most powerful constituent in their time they maintained a stoic republic that was bent on results, always looking ahead and they became a force to be reckoned with for many centuries.

The problem with getting to the top that it becomes easy to be complacent. Who can blame anyone, at that time one is now the ‘world best’ and there is practically no reason for one to try hence one stops minding one’s business, one begins to overstretch one’s self and then one – which is inevitable, as historical evidence show – begins to break. This was what led to the fall of Rome, and this may lead to the fall of the United States.

The United States has been the world leader in almost everything, and the stoicism that took them to that level over 300 years ago is almost non-existent. They no longer mind their business, and have now become the ‘world police’, dishing out sanctions to anyone who does anything to make them unhappy. But in all these they forget that there are powers rising fast that are completely passive to the events of the world as long as they are not affected personally. One of these powers is China.

China never has an issue with any government they want to do business with even though the government is responsible for the genocide of its own citizens. They are still conservative in their values and beliefs. They have become the centre of manufacturing in the world, giving them great leverage over the world. They deal with the government in power irrespective of the moral accreditation to that government by others. They mind their business. Everyone has something deprecating to say about China, but in all these they maintain their stoicism. People are beginning to take back their words in China’s case, and even using them as an example for others to follow. If history is on their side, they would soon arrive at the position of ‘above all else’.

CU is result oriented and not necessarily process oriented, which I find disquieting because even though it is a completely laudable thing to be result oriented the process or the journey to that result matters, especially when it comes to pushing it to the extreme. He is a very rich man means nothing; the question is where did he get his riches from? I find that this is merely criticism on my own part, because result is what people are always interested in, and that is the reality of things. What the world is, believe you me, is miles away from what the world should be.

I find that indeed Damola ‘prophecy’ might just be right, because the historical evidence in support of the ‘stoic-rise’ phenomenon is abundant and on the side of CU, they may indeed become the next China. I keep my finger crossed and remain hopeful.



2 thoughts on “The ‘Stoic-Rise’ Phenomenon of CU… Damola’s Prophecy

  1. Though i quite agree with the part of America not minding their business but i wont be hopeful about China becoming a world power someday as America seems to keep their lead in what matters most, wits, intellectual Power. China may have the commercial Power but take a look at the Intellectual Power which is sometimes highly priced that they would destroy a 60 MILLION dollar plane to keep the technology involved in creating it to themselves.

    1. Even though I do not want this to become a China/US debate I find that you may just be hanging on to the US argument because of sentimental reasons. For a couple of reasons I too personally want the US to stay ahead or maybe another country with better liberal values could lead instead of the US. But this is mere wishing based on the facts and the numbers; because in a world of artificially created systems, numbers is key and they usually never lie and this time China has it on its side.

      The US has relinquished its lead on consumer products manufacturing, and this is now the business of China, something I consider a serious leverage. The US we all know got to where it is today as an intellectual power house by brain-draining the whole world throughout the 20th century, but now those people are going back and most of them came from Asia, China is very much inclusive.

      Like I said the Chinese mind their business, do business with the government in power at that time on very strict quid pro quo basis. They offer no support for the opposition of the government and only work with the winner. They could not care less about the internal politics of the current government as regards to moral government. They bid the lowest for contracts and always get it. A third world head of state could eviscerate half his country and China would turn a blind eye and still do business with such a person. But this is not the case of the US, they go around in my opinion overstretching themselves unnecessarily as an international police, asking questions and being in places where they have no business. This might be a good thing, but it only leads to creating more enemies for one’s self, unnecessarily, and could be very lethal in the long run.

      An example is the economic sanctions on different African countries earlier this year when many of these countries began to make draconian laws against same-sex couples. Was it their business? Could they not just speak against it and let it be? No they had to punish other people for making laws in their own country. Another quintessential example is the crises in the Middle East, America has continually being blamed as the cause of the problem and why that place has known no peace in over half a century. Today the average Middle Eastern literally sees the American west as the great Satan.

      Unlike the US, China is in the active process of spreading their propaganda, albeit, subtly around the world. An example is the Confucius institutes that are practically in almost every country of the world, teaching Mandarin and the ways of the Chinese to any wanting to learn. This in my opinion could be the beginning of a proselytizing process which aims to counter Western English-ridden propaganda already replete throughout the world.

      Finally on a lighter mood, the average American kid is Obtuse and sometimes outright stupid beyond understanding. At least we know now that there has been a scare on the plummet in the quality of the America public education system, for some time now. One American kid was asked the question: “where is the great wall of China located?”, the answer was “awwwh.. I don’t know… India”.

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