The King’s English

Many of us do not know why the English we speak is called Queen’s English. The answer is simple. Queen’s English is called so, because of the sex of the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. Everything described in terms of the United Kingdom would be in form of Her Majesty. If they were going to war, a call to arms would be made for the Queen’s war. But the moment a male monarch ascends the throne, it all becomes His majesty, a call to arms for the King’s war and inevitably King’s English.


One would not be able to hide the awkwardness of saying “I speak King’s English” when Charles or William become defender of the realm. This is understandable, since the present occupant to the throne of the commonwealth has being ruling for over six decades. Not many people alive today were adults when a King reigned in England. It would be good to have a change – especially for those who have always known a Queen – to have a King. This would help mix things up and show us what mannerisms and ideas the most popular King in the world would bring to public discourse.


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