Ramblings on the musings with an unorthodox friend

There are certain friends you have that you would always consider it a delight to be in their company. You hardly see these friends or even share personal information about yourself with these friends – they may never really be your ‘friend’ in the real meaning of the word to you – but anytime you meet, stimulating conversations that cause sensations to the soul take place. I met one of these my friends recently and indeed our conservation was a delight. The topic of our conservation was indeed very interesting – my friend has very strong opinions.


My friend is an anarchist. He does not do well with authority, of every kind – even of the celestial kind. So he is not liked by many people. He actually does what he wants. He feels that he should not be told what to do. Some people say this is just an excuse for him to indulge in his many vices – and indeed he indulges a lot. Even though I find it a little alarming at the level to which he indulges in these vices aw regard his health, I know that his indulgence is not linked to his anarchism – or not entirely. But then again a worldview is a worldview; we may try to rationalize or justify it because of some familiarity or sentimentality attachment to it and its own, but that does not stop it from being a worldview.

While we discussed the topic of human nature came up. Generally we agreed that human beings pretend, especially with regards to social context. They would greet and simile with you when they really do not give a rat-ass about you – perfunctory platitudes, we like to call it. My friend is a misanthrope. He would love to get away from this artificial social construct of life and banalities we made for ourselves to live in. He would love to live in the forest, to be free indeed as nature originally intended.

I find almost nothing wrong with isolated living, because we are indeed progenies of nature – in fact it is a very interesting phenomenon to me. Something I might want to consider, but maybe not in the extreme nature my friend suggest. I used to be a modified-misanthrope. People were scoundrels as far as I was concerned, and I had already established that I would probably not be able to function to any real position of effectiveness if I did not interact or depend on people, so I developed an acerbic quid-pro-quo alliance with people – something I eventually called modified-misanthropy.

Unlike my friend, I no longer prescribe to the tenets of reclusiveness inherent in misanthropy but I find pleasure in the ‘understanding of the reality of things’. Prudency and shrewdness come in handy when dealing with something as fickle and capricious as the events of reality and fortune.

We all have these kinds of friends – the ones with strong opinions that sometimes border on the insane. We keep them not because we completely agree with them – that would be statistically improbable – but because the difference in their thoughts from the mainstream and our own thoughts gives a refreshing outlook into other possible perspectives.

As a caveat, I find no peace with the Anarchism and Misanthropy (with good reasons), it was just interesting speaking to someone who strongly held those views.


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