Why Protests Never really work as they Should – A call to Localization

Money drives the world. It could be the difference between a good life and a bad life. Those who have money do not necessarily have power, but since few desires drive men like the ‘desire for power’, money can be used to achieve power. It is the easier form of acquiring power. Therefore when a man has all his necessary needs met, he moves on for expansion – he desires power. Money helps achieve with this. Those who control the money control all within any society. They sponsor the campaigns of public officials and the influence public opinion through the media; they hold the real power.

This is the reason why Occupy protests, indigenous people’s rights protests, keep the oil in he ground protests and what have you, never gets anywhere. The protesters would go back home and continue their lives, which would involve toiling to make ends met, and those who control the means (money) to make ends met continue to keep power. The legislators and public officials are afraid to listen to these protesters, so as not to provoke their sponsors, because they too have power and would not want to lose it by offending their ‘power source’.

You may talk of the consequences of certain actions – like drilling the oil in the ground which leads to global warming, producing devastating effects on the climate. But men take note of nothing when dangers are far away, and would shield themselves by any means necessary when dangers are close – in all they would do and undo as long as it does not rob them of their power.

This is the reality of things.

Maybe a solution to this is the ‘call to localization’ and the demise of mainstream globalization.Helena Norberg-Hodge’s – a pioneer in the localization movement – explains better in her essay “Multiple benefits of economic localization”


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