Pandemonium in our thoughts and a trial of Faith

“Beautiful things emerge from chaos, from the clutter of experience. You could embrace this confusion – knowing that you are pregnant with new moments, with nameless ‘things’ struggling to express themselves”. – Bayo Akomolafe.

Some people have argued that there is order inherent in chaos and confusion. This apparent, yet real regularity they claim is what makes disarray beautiful. It is of no doubt that, many times in our lives, we require some form of chaos and disorder, especially in our thoughts to make the right decisions.

There would always come a time when our faith in our belief systems, educational systems and world systems, especially when we thought it steadfast, begins to dwindle, we begin to lose our ability of “assuredness” and confusion sets in. We begin to ask questions, questions considered forbidden by our neighbours and kinsmen. Orthodoxy is no longer palatable; we just cannot stomach it any more no matter how much we try. We want to be free from totalitarianism.

WE BECOME REBELS; that was never the plan in the first place, we just stop taking things at face value.

Our values begin to metamorphose; we tend to see things differently. We begin to do a virtual comparative analysis in our minds concerning our belief systems and that of others, without even knowing. We come to a “not-so-sure” conclusion, subconsciously; that what we thought was ‘truth’ might just be part of the ‘grand scheme’ of things and not a myopic perspective. We, avoiding hubris, begin to see the light, that we have been blind to all these years.

These ‘syncretisms’ in the new value system we acquire and develop make us receptive. We begin to understand that credence systems and world views, including our own no matter how ancient, depends ultimately on interpretation – the moment subjective minds are involved. We put ourselves in the shoes of others, whom we once condemned, just because they refused to see life through our own world views. Those who are still adherents and victims of certain world views; we finally become empathic beings, a big difference from the smug conceited creatures, we once were.

We understand that they hold their belief systems as the very foundation of their existence, and attacking these systems would in essence be an attack on their lives, which they would defend violently. We choose not to question their beliefs but instead their interpretations of it, especially in the light of the present factors. We do this without inciting the wrong and malevolent emotions. We show them examples of those who were once like them and have now become like us. We make them see that transition, although not easy is possible.

Then we hope, that like us they subconsciously juxtapose their belief systems with the values of more liberal systems that have the same goal at heart – Human Well Being. We hope that they discover a Liberal interpretation of their beliefs, like we have, which is the key to genuine world peace.

Many times we, in retrospect realize that chaos is sometimes a good and beautiful thing. In the midst of turmoil, we find our way, we search deeper, we are insatiable until we find our ‘truths’ and when we eventually do, clarity abounds. When it comes, we must remember to embrace it, and follow where the pandemonium leads.


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