Independence Month Series: October 24 – 30, 1960

Because a general strike was looming, the Oba of Lagos, Adeniji Adele I, invited three representative of the labour solidarity Committee to his palace for preliminary talks in connection with the rift in the rank and file of the Labour Movement in the country.

Chief Akin Deko, Western Nigerian’s Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, returned to Lagos from the Rome Cocoa Conference in triumph. At the conference, he was unanimously chosen, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Cocoa Study Group.

The Nigerian Trade Union Congress (TUC) stated that it was committed to the attainment of unity both in the Nigeria and African Labour force. And that the strike would still go on.

The retiring Governor-General of the federation, Sir James Robertson was honoured with a passing-out parade at the Southern Police College, Ikeja, Lagos.


  1. Historical Flashback newspaper vol. 3 No. 9

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