Independence Month Series: October 7, 1960

On this day, Nigeria joined the United Nations. In the statement made by the British Foreign Secretary, Christian Herter, at the general assembly, Nigeria was officially endorsed by unanimous votes as the new independent state member. Nigeria became the 99th member of the United Nations. One of the earliest and most significant contributions to the UN was to provide troops for the peacekeeping operation in Congo.

As part of the Independence celebrations Princess Alexandra of Kent, at a most colourful ceremony, laid the foundation stone of the 4 million pounds University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 45 miles east of Enugu.

Mr Fatayi Williams, Chief Registrar of the High Court of Western Nigeria, and Mr C.O. Madarikan, Director of Public Prosecution, Western Nigeria were appointed judges of the High Court of Western Nigeria.

Princess Alexandra of Kent
University of Nsukka
University of Nsukka


  1. Historical Flashback newspaper vol. 3 No. 9



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