The Knowledge and Understanding of History can never be overstated

soldiers of fortune 1

When we know the acts of our forebears we can make informed decisions for our future.

The Nigerian military coups have almost always been carried out by the same group of soldiers.   The young NCOs and Lieutenants that blasted Major-General Aguiyi-Ironsi from power in 1966, became Colonels that overthrew his successor: General Gowon in 1975, and they became the Brigadiers and Major-Generals that overthrew Shagari. Then became the me who took power themselves after the Buhari coup. These men crushed various coup plotters when they where in power. The destroyed the Orkar, Vatsa,  Coup. These men where masterminds

soldiers of fortune 2

soldiers of fortune 3

soldiers of fortune 4 soldiers of fortune


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