The Third candidate – 2015 Elections

Remi Soniaya 2

I have been asked many times who, among the candidates, I want to win the 2015 February elections. As one who does work in political analysis and strategy my opinion on who seem to matters to a lot of people.

So far I have refrained from giving anyone an answer with good reason. For many people it is either this or that. One thing I am certain of is that the nuances that of the political landscapes leading to the 14th of February, contain extremely complex dynamics that for one to begin to understand them a detached position as to the effects must be taken.

But in the light of fair play, I would say “may the best man win”. He who is able to marshal his points and endear himself to the hearts of the Nigerian electorate should take the day.

But it has become clear to me that there are those who seek a third candidate. Those who would like to do away with the perceived monolithic stance of the two top contenders. This is very ironic since there are about 14 candidates vying for the nation’s top job.

So in catering to the proclivities of these individuals, I present Remi Sonaiya. I do this, not because her political operatives prompted me to with an incentive of reward – even though I wish they did; and not because I believe that she is a better candidate than her contenders; but because Sonaiya is the only woman in the race for the job and the only presidential candidate I have met personally – a pedestrian reason, I know.

Remi Soniaya 1

Yeah, one more thing: I do this for my guy, Fawole Ayodeji who is her PA.

“Guy when mummy win no forget your boy oooo”.

Remi Sonaiya was born on March 2nd, 1955. She began her schooling in 1961 at St. Luke’s Demonstration School, Ibadan, from where she proceeded to St. Anne’s School, also in Ibadan, for her secondary education. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1977, graduating with the best result in her faculty, did her Youth Service at the Nigeria Military School, Zaria, got married, and proceeded to Cornell University, USA, from where she obtained an M. A. in French Literature. Back in Nigeria, she enrolled for another Masters degree program, this time in Linguistics, which she obtained in 1984, and immediately returned to Cornell University for her PhD studies in Linguistics. She graduated from Cornell in 1988 and returned to continue lecturing in the Department of Foreign Languages of the Obafemi Awolowo University which she had joined in 1982 as an Assistant Lecturer. She became a professor of French Language and Applied Linguistics in 2001.

Let her credentials speak for itself.


2 thoughts on “The Third candidate – 2015 Elections

  1. After listening to her speech during the peace accord event, I fell in love with her. I could see the passion and bravery in her eyes! She’s someone I would definitely cast my vote for…

    1. Truly she brings a fresh perspective, and I find out she is a very beautiful writer. Been reading the book she gave me, and I find her prose to be comparable only to few. But I have some reservations. This is not to say that the men involved are better. In fact I think that most of the men are intellectually pedestrian. If only it were under different circumstances she might have won. But what I find possible is that she could build political capital, for the next election. She should continue to be involved in the political sphere of the country – commentating and giving speeches. She should also retain the retinue of advisers she has now, because given the fact that they have very little funds they are still able to pull something off with their present campaign.

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