Netanyahu Addresses Congress: The beauty of American Democracy, and What it means to Nigeria and the rest of the World

Do not bother yourself about the title. This is going to be a very short one. I watched Netanyahu give his speech before the 114th congress of the United States. What amazed me was not the speech itself – which in my opinion was strong political rhetoric (any World Leader could do just as good) – but the circumstances that led to the speech.

So here is my write up:

The United States has the most exemplary democracy in the world. Netanyahu addressed congress today, without the permission of Obama, and was critical in his remarks about the Kerry-Zarif deal that is being negotiated right now in Switzerland, concerning Iran’s Nuclear program.

Kerry and Zarif
Kerry and Zarif

Netanyahu, the Head of Government of the State of Israel, would leave the United States without seeing Barack Obama.

In no other country, as far as I know of is this possible. A Head of Government comes to another country to address both houses of its legislature without the approval of the host country’s Head of State.

Indeed the U.S. could be said to be a paragon of democracy.


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