Suddenly She Walks In


Indeed, now I know for sure that when people refer to a day being beautiful they were very much talking about today or a day like today. It was one of those days that made one feel certain that good things were certainly going to happen. The way the atmosphere swirled seamlessly through the bar windows, where I sat, very much aided by the potency in the ocean waves crashing angrily on the shore, would make Richard Dawkins convert to Evangelical Christianity, and apologize to the world, especially the faithful, for his scathing remarks on religion, and conclude by saying “there is a God”. (more…)


Looking at their fingers.

I discovered that I unconsciously, look at the hand of any girl that walks into a room. This discovery made me very afraid. Then I came to realize that looking at the hands of these ladies was because I am at that stage now; over three colleagues and friends of mine in college just got married, and some months ago one of them put to bed.

This experience has been beautiful and surreal for me, because until recently it did not occur to me that I was always looking at a specific finger – the ring finger, and for who do not know, every finger has a name; they include: the index, thumb, middle, pinky and the ring fingers (fyi).

Although I am not ready to tie the knot with anyone, I realise now that many of the ladies and potential partners I come in contact might just be married, so I still very much keep an eye out to “the finger”. I hope I am not the only one who does this, because then it would be super awkward (using the ridiculous teenage American accent) …


I attended a programme tagged “breakfast with the creatives” in which two of the greatest artists of their generation spoke to us about their lives and their art, on their struggles, the pitfalls and trials of being professional artists from Nigeria. Apparently we have not appreciated our art and our heritage for a while now. Because in the face of post-colonialism, we tend to forget that we had a culture that would have been completely obliterated by our colonial master had it not been for our artists. The great Aina Onabolu, Yusuf Grillo, Ben Enwonwu (who was so amazing that The Enwonwu crater on the planet Mercury is named in his honour), Bruce Onobrakpeya , Ladi Kwali, and to mention a few, have given us a picture into our past, and they make us realise the importance of our  culture and tradition.



I commence

I have thought about doing this for a while, but today was the day I decided to take the step, and make history. I am very much of an expert and a dilettante of sorts. I believe in a world free of force and fraud you may wonder why, maybe it is because I belong to the School of thought of Classical Liberalism (a school of thought I am still trying to figure out my self), and again in this world of perceived metamorphosis, I could always change my mind, and recant whenever I feel I don’t feel that way any more.

I like to argue a lot but always avoid the argumentative-abyss by setting argument-parameters, so the aim of effectively learning through dialectics can be very much achieve, so in essence, if I do not learn from you, or try to defend a point of view against yours I would not bother arguing with you. I hope this blog helps with the resurgence of intellectualism in the world today, and when I mean intellectualism, please do not let Mr. Soyinka come to your mind, although that is part of it, but I mean reasoning effectively and knowing that emotions and objectivity are two sides of a coin but are to be effective used together to create a world of beauty in all ramifications and elevate the human condition.Image